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Everything you require from a Cloud Service, we can provide.

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Secure File Sharing

  • Secure access to your data anywhere, at any time.
  • All your company files are kept safe in one place.
  • Highly secure folder permission options.

Backup and Restore PCs, Laptops and Mobiles

  • All devices in your organisation are backed up without any human intervention.
  • Business owner has direct control over what should and shouldn’t be backed up.
  • Zero impact on the end user.
  • Uses very little bandwidth due to compression and deduplication technologies.
  • Access the data from anywhere.
  • Restore the data to your device at any time.

50GB Exchange Mailbox

  • Massive business class mailbox with full Microsoft Outlook support and automatic synchronisation between all your devices.
  • Access your email from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Enough space to save all your email for decades.

Automatic Email Archiving

This gives the company owner instant access to all emails ever sent and received in the business. If you are legally required to keep email data, you’ll be able to access yours anytime.

  • Up to 10 years retention – flexible retention policies.
  • Email backup service.
  • Deduplication and compression.
  • Litigation support – hold email for legal purposes.
  • Simple to use – plugs into Outlook or it can be accessed via a web portal.

Shared Calendars including Contacts and Tasks

  • You can view colleague’s calendars to easily schedule meetings without clashes.
  • Setup meeting room and resource calendars to organise your office environment better.

Mobile Control, Locate and Wipe Smartphone and Tablet Security and Management

We can locate and wipe your device in the event that your device lands up in the wrong hands so that valuable data is kept safe.

  • Personal online file storage for each user.
  • Keep all your files safe in one place.
  • Your devices won’t become sluggish due to lack of storage space on the drive.
  • Access your data anywhere.

Online Video Conferencing

  • Work with clients and colleagues located anywhere in the world.
  • No limits to the amount of people who can attend.

Corporate Instant Messaging

  • Get answers quickly, without waiting for someone to read your email.
  • Share screens, present and record online meetings.

PC, MAC full device encryption

This is the highest level of security that Cloudbox has on offer whereby your data is protected with a security key.

  • Information on your desktops, laptops, Macs and mobile phones will be inaccessible should the device be lost or stolen.
  • Your data will always be safe.

USB encryption

  • Information on your USBs will be inaccessible should the unit be lost or stolen.
  • Your data will always be safe.

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