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Johannesburg: +27 (10) 590 6194

How will I move from my current supplier to CloudBox?
We will do it for you, with no down time.
How long will it take to move my business to CloudBox?
Approximately two weeks.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my package at any time?
One of the great benefits of CloudBox is that we grow with you. Whenever you’re ready to try out a new package, you can simply talk to one of our IT Humans.
How do I move my files from my Dropbox or my computer once I’ve signed on?
Kick back and relax. We’ll take care of moving all your data to CloudBox.
How easy will it be to get hold of CloudBox if I have a problem?
We offer real-time support weekdays between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm and there are plenty of ways to get in touch with us. Drop us an email at support@cloudbox.co.za, call our support desk or instant message one of our IT Humans.
Will my laptop, iPad and phone all have the same data?
Yes. When your devices are connected to the cloud, you will have access to the same data on all of them.
How do I make sure my information is more secure?
CloudBox not only backs up all your data to a secure location, we also encrypt all your devices to ensure that only users who have been granted permission can access the device.
Does it work with all email programs (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)?
Sure does! Your email will be backed up and kept safe regardless of the program you use.
Do we keep our email addresses?
Yes, your email addresses will be unaffected.
Are all types of phones supported?
Yes. From Samsung to Nokia to iPhone. Your employees’ mobile devices will be secured.
What is a full exchange mailbox?
This is an Outlook mailbox hosted in the cloud. It means you can access your email anytime, anywhere and from any device.
What are shared calendars?
Shared calendars mean that you get access to all your employees’ and peers’ calendars. Organise meetings, block book times and organise on one easy-to-manage platform.
What is unlimited email archiving?
We have enough space to store as much email data as your business needs to store. It also provides a great way to perform company wide searches on all mailboxes should you ever need to. This is very useful when an employee leaves and you need to search for something that happened a long time back…
What is multi-vendor email continuity?
We make sure that your email is always working, regardless of the program or device.
What is antivirus software?
Antivirus software protects your devices from any security threats from the internet or other external devices, such as USB flash disks. With CloudBox, you not only get the latest antivirus protection for all your devices, but we’ll also make sure your antivirus software is always up-to-date.
What is cloud storage?
Cloud storage is just a fancy way of saying your data is stored off-site, not at your business premises.
What is online conferencing?
We live in a digital age where we no longer need to meet face-to-face to discuss business. Online conferencing allows you to host business meetings online in your own virtual conference room.
What is corporate instant messaging?
Instant messaging allows all your employees a quick and easy way to keep up-to-date and in touch.
Instant messaging allows all your employees a quick and easy way to keep up-to-date and in touch.
Device and data theft is a big problem for businesses in South Africa, especially for those that operate remotely throughout the country. With this feature we can locate and wipe all the data from any device to ensure your business is protected.
What is a backup and restore?
Your business and clients data is crucial to your business’s success, and there are so many ways this data can get stolen, go missing or get corrupted due to theft or something as simple as load shedding. Data backup and restore ensures that all your data is backed up into the cloud and is easy to restore to your machine, should anything unforeseen happen.
What is full device encryption?
Employers and employees often carry important data around on their laptops and other devices. Full device encryption means that all your devices will be secured through password protection.
What is the cloud?
Cloud IT is a fancy way of saying your IT is taken care of off-site and not on-site at your business.