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Cape Town: +27 (21) 2011 350
Johannesburg: +27 (10) 590 6194

Cloudbox is the culmination of our combined 30+ years’ experience in providing leading IT cloud solutions for small businesses all over the world. Everything we have learnt is distilled into one product that covers everything a small business needs from their IT.

We’re a tightknit team who understands that IT is essential to running your business so we’ve created a solution that is easy to understand and simple to use.

Cloudbox offers three bundled packages (i.e. Basic, Essentials and Premium) covering email archiving, shared calendars, data backup and encryption, and a host of other features to suit your business needs and budget.You also have the flexibility to scale up or down as your business requirements change. From everyday support to complex network monitoring and management, our dedicated team of IT Humans manages it all for you off-site.

Meet the Management Team

Justin Trent

Justin Trent


Justin graduated from the Durban Institute of Technology as a civil engineer. Justin is quite the globetrotter. After opening and successfully running Matsco Solutions as Project Director in London he made his way back to SA where he co-founded Alto Africa.

Justin is in charge of sales. He also likes to ponder how one would lay foundations in a cloud. You know, just in case we had to put an actual box in the clouds one day.

He is the only person from Durban that doesn’t use the word “bro” in every sentence.

Oliver Potgieter

Oliver Potgieter


Olly graduated from Stellenbosch University with a degree in law. Olly has been involved with six startup ventures since graduating from Stellenbosch, including Matsco Solutions and Alto Africa with Justin.

Olly is Master Splinter of the IT team at CloudBox. He starts his days chanting binary code while meditating, after which he cowabunga’s tech issues like mailboxes that won’t sync.

Olly recently built a tree house with his own bare man hands. *Tree houses sold separately.

Nick Watkins

Nick Watkins


Nick graduated from Cambridge University with a Master’s degree in law.

Nick’s background is in investment banking and hedge fund portfolio management for businesses such as USB, Merrill Lynch and Tenax capital. Nick is in charge of the numbers. He also takes great pride in managing the actual hedges in the company garden. Always pruning and trimming. Must be a British thing.

Nick often gets mistaken for Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ friend, assistant and sometime flatmate. No one really knows why.