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Why you need Cloudbox?


All devices automatically synchronized.
Work anywhere, any time and from any device.
Supports branch offices and remote workers.


User friendly and standardised.
Single product with one vendor.
Centralised IT management.


A dedicated, compassionate IT Human on the end of the phone or email.
No talking to machines.


OPEX model, no capital outlay and no hardware.
Future proof, no costly upgrades or maintenance.
Unlimited support option.


Data encryption and disaster recovery.
Can wipe data off lost/stolen devices.
24/7 monitoring.


No downtime and fast to deploy.
Supports collaboration through file sharing, shared calendar, conferencing and instant messaging.
Business continuity, able to work during loadshedding.

Which package is right for you?

What our clients say…

Many thanks. I think it went very well. It is good to have you as a service provider, the team was thorough, customer focussed and professional.

Alain Jaques

Journey Capital

Cloudbox is perfect for us as a small company. Everything we need is nicely wrapped up in one package and the team ensured a stress free setup process from start to finish. Now we have peace of mind that, not only is everything backed up, but we are also in capable hands for ongoing IT support.

Erica Jankovich


Cloudbox was a fresh, professional and extremely knowledge approach to IT. BETAPLUS time-spend on IT issues was reduced by 70% due to the ongoing and accessible interaction with informed Cloudbox personnel and service offering.

Gerrie Van Niekerk

Beta Plus

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